List Your Scholarship on the Door County Scholarship Network

The Door County Scholarship Network is now updating its online searchable database for the 2016 scholarship season.

DC Scholarship NetworkThe Scholarship Network is the most comprehensive source for local scholarship information for students from Door County. Students of all ages can use this website to search for scholarships that match their background and educational plans. Whether you’re pursuing a graduate degree, bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, or a technical certificate, this website is a great place to begin your search for a scholarship.

If you are a scholarship program that provides scholarships to students from any Door County high school, please download and complete the Scholarship Listing Form so we can list your scholarship program in our online database.

There is absolutely no cost for a scholarship program to be listed on this website. In addition, each individual scholarship program will continue to control its own assets, make its own decisions, and award scholarships in their own name. The Scholarship Network’s searchable online database is designed to simplify the search process for the students.

We also encourage you to consider accepting the Door County Common Scholarship Application. This comprehensive form was created by local scholarship programs and guidance counselors. When your scholarship program agrees to accept this common form, you greatly simplify the scholarship application process for our local Door County students.

The Door County Common Scholarship Application is a comprehensive form that collects all the test scores, grades, work experience, volunteerism, etc. that are the same on every scholarship application. It also includes some standard essay questions – yet has ample space (Section 17) for you to ask customized questions of your applicants. If you’re ready to accept the Door County Common Scholarship Application, just indicate so when you complete the Scholarship Listing Form (section 5). If you have questions, please contact Christine Henkel at (920) 746-1786.

Please note that a scholarship program does NOT have to accept the Common Application Form to be listed in this online searchable database. Scholarship programs that continue to use their own application form still are welcome to be listed in our database simply downloading and completing the Scholarship Listing Form. For more information, contact us at the Community Foundation.

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