Crossroads at Big Creek Receives Grant

The Door County Community Foundation has awarded Crossroads at Big Creek a Sustainability Grant from the Education Fund. This grant provides financial support for the installation of cabinetry in the new, lower level learning space.

2015-05-19 11.57.59The lower level, multi-functional learning space fills a community need for an accessible and sound-proof room which has the flexibility to serve as a classroom, a dining space, a meeting room, or an exhibit hall. It can also be used as a childcare area when adult programming is occurring on the upper level.

“The Door County Community Foundation is pleased to support Crossroads at Big Creek as it continues to provide exceptional educational opportunities for community members and visitors of all ages,” said Marcia Smith, board member of the Door County Community Foundation.

Crossroads at Big Creek is a beautiful 125-acre preserve that provides experiential life-long learning which nurtures historical and cultural appreciation, scientific curiosity, and environmental awareness.

Foundation’s Sustainability Grants program distributes grant dollars from funds such as the Arts Fund, Children & Youth Fund, Education Fund, Green Fund, Health & Human Needs Fund, Healthy Water Fund, Historic Preservation Fund, and the Women’s Fund.

For more information about the Community Foundation’s services and various grant programs, please visit us online.

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