Community Foundation Awards Sustainability Grant to Crossroads at Big Creek

The Door County Community Foundation has awarded Crossroads at Big Creek a Sustainability Grant from the Green Fund.  This grant supports the addition of a rooftop photovoltaic array, bringing the organization closer to becoming 50% carbon neutral.

One mission of Crossroads at Big Creek is to promote environmental stewardship through education.  This photovoltaic array project provides a valuable, hands-on learning experience for energy professionals, teachers,  Door County residents, and seasonal visitors alike.

The benefits of this installation have been many.  This project demonstrates that it is economically feasible, even in our northern climate, to produce energy with solar photovoltaic panels.  For example, electric bills at Crossroads have been reduced, enabling the organization to now redirect those dollars towards educational programming.  In addition, the excess energy produced by the array is fed into the grid, decreasing the fossil fuel consumption for Sturgeon Bay Utilities.

“The Door County Community Foundation is pleased to support Crossroads at Big Creek as it continues to provide important leadership in promoting environmental stewardship within our community.  The photovoltaic array project is one example of many Crossroads initiatives that shows us the viability of employing sustainable best practices,” said Bret Bicoy, President and CEO of the Door County Community Foundation.

2015-06-22 09.29.50 FinalPicture from the left: Coggin Heeringa, Director of Crossroads at Big Creek, and Bret Bicoy, President and CEO of the Door County Community Foundation.  (A full-sized image file is attached to the original email used to send you this press release)

Crossroads at Big Creek is a beautiful 125-acre preserve that provides opportunities for experiential, life-long learning.  A visit to Crossroads nurtures historical and cultural appreciation, scientific curiosity, and environmental awareness.

To learn more about Crossroads at Big Creek, please call 920-746-5895 or visit,

The Door County Community Foundation’s Sustainability Grants program distributes grant dollars from funds such as the Arts Fund, Children & Youth Fund, Education Fund, Green Fund, Health & Human Needs Fund, Healthy Water Fund, Historic Preservation Fund, and the Women’s Fund.

For more information about the Community Foundation’s services and various grant programs, please visit

The Door County Community Foundation, Inc. is a collection of separate charitable funds set up by individuals, families, non-profit organizations, private foundations and businesses that are managed, invested and disbursed for the current and future good of Door County.  The Foundation was launched in 1999 and currently administers nearly $16 million in charitable assets.

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