Friends of Education Award Presented to Door County Civility Project

The Door County Civility Project, along with two individuals and two other organizations that are working to improve education and the lives of young people in Wisconsin schools and communities, received the 2017 Friends of Education award during the State of Education address on Sept. 21 in Madison.

“As we listened to the descriptions of other Friend of Education award recipients, we were humbled to be among that distinguished group of individuals and groups being recognized,” said Shirley Senirighi, a volunteer of the Door County Civility Project.

Civility Project & DPI Supt Tony EversPictured from left to right are Diane Slivka, Sue Todey, Shirley Senarighi, State Superintendent Tony Evers, Mark Nelson, Patti Vickman, and Steve Bousley.

The Door County Civility Project is a volunteer initiative working since 2013 to strengthen the culture of civility within homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, churches, civic organizations, and government bodies in Door County.

“The willingness of those who volunteer to mentor our youth, develop their cultural roots, and give them solid foundations for becoming civic-minded adults means so much to our kids and the future of Wisconsin,” said State Superintendent Tony Evers in congratulating the 2017 Friends of Education. “These organizations and individuals make outstanding contributions to support children and young adults in our state.”

The Door County Civility Project, a component fund of the Door County Community Foundation, is a community-based initiative to advance the cause of civility in everyday life and strengthen our shared community. Through multiple presentations, trainings, newspaper articles, and distribution of educational resources, the project has promoted “Speak Your Peace,” using the nine simple tools for practicing civility: pay attention; listen closely; be inclusive; don’t gossip; show respect; be agreeable; apologize sincerely; give constructive comments, suggestions and feedback; and accept responsibility.

Beginning in 2015, Civility Project volunteers worked with Southern Door County School District staff to develop Speak Your Peace activities to promote a culture of civility within schools and prepare students for future civil engagement. The Civility Project’s work has resulted in a variety of high school student-led publications on civility, such as poetry anthologies, class projects, and musical performances.

To learn more about the Door County Civility Project, please or visit,

The Door County Community Foundation’s Sustainability Grants program distributes grant dollars from funds such as the Arts Fund, Children & Youth Fund, Education Fund, Green Fund, Health & Human Needs Fund, Healthy Water Fund, Historic Preservation Fund, and the Women’s Fund.

For more information about the Community Foundation’s services and various grant programs, please visit

The Door County Community Foundation, Inc. is a collection of separate charitable funds set up by individuals, families, non-profit organizations, private foundations and businesses that are managed, invested and disbursed for the current and future good of Door County.  The Foundation was launched in 1999 and currently administers more than $20 million in charitable assets.


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