Community Foundation Announces Investment in Historic Downtown Sturgeon Bay

“Downtown Sturgeon Bay has had some rough news in recent months,” says Bret Bicoy, President & CEO of the Door County Community Foundation. “Yet we strongly believe that Door County’s largest downtown district has a bright future and we want to be a part of it.” Thus, the Community Foundation announced today that it has purchased the former Baylake Conference Center and Clock Tower property from Nicolet National Bank.

The Community Foundation will move its offices into roughly half the building and configure the remainder of it as a gathering and meeting space for other charities and community groups. “We envision everything from Girl Scout troops to non-profit boards using the community space,” says Bicoy. “We’re investing in technology which will allow the community to safely use the building after regular business hours and on weekends. We hope to create a true gathering place for the people of Door County.”

The Clock Tower and surrounding grassy area is also included in the purchase. Hence, the Community Foundation is pleased to announce its commitment to continue to host an annual Christmas Tree lighting celebration. “Sturgeon Bay Utilities has been a very generous partner in supporting this annual Christmas tradition,” says Bicoy. “We’re honored to be able to work with them to continue this holiday celebration.”

The Community Foundation is also exploring ways to partner with the Sturgeon Bay Visitor’s Center and other community groups to better utilize the Clock Tower green space for the good of our local residents. For example, one of the ideas being considered is a lunchtime outdoor concert series for people who work and live downtown. “The Community Foundation is making an investment in downtown Sturgeon Bay and hope others will join us,” says Bicoy. “We also want to express our gratitude to Nicolet National Bank for selling the Community Foundation this property at such a reasonable and fair price,” says Bicoy. “We hope to continue the bank’s tradition of opening up this facility to the community for the benefit of Sturgeon Bay and all of Door County.”

The Door County Community Foundation, Inc. is a collection of separate charitable funds set up by individuals, families, non-profit organizations, private foundations and businesses that are managed, invested and disbursed for the current and future good of Door County. The Foundation was launched in 1999 and currently administers more than $20 million in charitable assets.

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