Community Foundation Awards Sustainability Grant to Door-Tran

The Door County Community Foundation has awarded Door-Tran a Sustainability Grant from the John and Nell Community Impact Fund. This grant supports the vehicle Repair Grant Program. Door-Tran’s Vehicle Repair Grant Program assists individuals who are on a fixed income, such as SSI and SSDI, with car repairs.

2018-05-01 Door-Tran

“One of Door-Tran’s main strengths is the role it continues to play as the central coordinator and catalyst for addressing the highly complex problems of available, affordable, and accessible transportation for a diverse and widespread number of Door County residents,” said Dick Egan, Board Member of the Door County Community Foundation. “We are pleased to provide this grant to an organization that is doing such great work in our community.”

Pictured from left to right are Nikki Voight, Mobility Manager Assistant and Dick Egan, Board Member of the Door County Community Foundation.

Door-Tran is a creative community network dedicated to connecting people to transportation services that are affordable, available, and accessible.  For more information on Door-Tran, visit

The Door County Community Foundation’s Sustainability Grants program distributes grant dollars from funds such as the Arts Fund, Children & Youth Fund, Green Fund, Health & Human Needs Fund, Education Fund, Historic Preservation Fund, Healthy Water Fund, and the Women’s Fund.

For more information about the Community Foundation’s services and various grant programs, please visit

The Door County Community Foundation, Inc. is a collection of separate charitable funds set up by individuals, families, non-profit organizations, private foundations and businesses that are managed, invested and disbursed for the current and future good of Door County. The Foundation was launched in 1999 and currently administers more than $20 million in charitable assets.


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